The members of the group  Baby Grand Mothers was Kenny Håkansson, guitar and vocals, Bella Linnarsson, bas guitar and Pelle Ekman, drums.

Baby Grand Mothers was active during the years 1967 to 1969 and played on the clubs around Stockholm area as Club Filips,  The Golden Circle, The Old Bridge,  Zazam, The High School of Art, etc..

In 1968 there been a big tour in Finland together with the Finish singer Anki Lindqvist. The shows name was AIKA KONE (the time machine), and the tour covered the country of Finland. There been a great success and in many place the band needs escort by police to reach their hotels and stage. The Baby Grand Mothers also recorded their EP-record "Being Is More Then Life", produced by M.A. Numminen. The Finish radio station was also recorded the group for a publish program.


The music where experimental pop/rock/blues with continually tones and improvisations between those parts and the melody's can continue until inspiration and man power ended. Sometimes was Pelle falls of from his drum chair coursed of run out of power. Kenny and Bella communicate through their instruments, backed up by Pelle's heavy beat on drum, and then a hole public could be high in ecstasy and moving. It can be called the rave party of 60-, but without deep drugs. It was the music and the feeling of that all being together as friends, that was the main goal in the performance. 

1968 come then a tour for Baby Grand Mothers and together with Mecki Mark Men, we then made a tour with Jimi Hedrix Experience. The tour started in Gothenburg, where we all stayed at the same place, Hotel Opalen. Jimi comes late the first evening and seams to had a bad joint that day, when he destroyed the room and through all inventory by the window. Jime the played the first part of the tour with his arm in package. We ended that tour in the Concert Hall of Stockholm.


In the fourth quarter of 1968 been the musical Hair set up at the Scala theatre in Stockholm and the Baby Grand Mothers been collected as the house band with expansion of Meck Bodemark from the Mecki Mark Men and Hawkey Franzen, a poem singer and protest singer of Sweden. The great musician Bengt-Arne Wallin been musician producer and the American Julia Arenal, chorographic and then Piere N. Franckel as producer. (look at the own page for Hair)

The Hair musical continued to late spring in 1969, but during the Christmas break in 1968, Kenny Bella, Pelle and Mecki made a concert tour in Prague, Czechoslovakia together with the Finish singer Anki Lindqvist and M.A. Numminen. We go there by train through East Germany, and only that trip could be placed on its own web site.

When we arrived to Prague there stills be seen tanks from the Soviet Union traffic the streets after what the called war for independence. We been informed to not exchange money or sell parts or open talking with people about our impressions of what we see. This could results in bad things.

Then we warmed up at some clubs before the great concert where more then ten thousand people has come. M.A. Numminen was performed with a keyboard player and he did a good impression with his characterizing music and songs. He sing all his songs in Finish languish, but its seams they understand him anyway.


Anki, sings some tunes  as we have arranged as Vanilla Fudge types with heavy rock/pop with improvisation. There been a very good reply from the people.

Baby Grand Mothers, as we called us in Prague, performed an avant-garde and experimental music mixed with tunes from Hair. At the final we played Let The Sunshine In, that's become a great success. The more the ten thousand people stands up and sing with full voice and that makes our instruments to low in power, even that we have thousand of watts behind us. We just stands at the edge of the stage and sings together with the people. It seams not to be ended why the people sings in ecstasy of freedom.  The next day we been performed for the Czechoslovakia Radio and TV, as a follow up from the great concert.

Before with left Prague from the train station, we give away our Czechoslovakian money to the guy who was our Road manager during our staying there. We could not use that money outside the border at that time. You should see his face when he get the money, freedom and happiness shine from his face. It was a real good feeling to please an other people like that.

Back home again in Stockholm, we continued with Hair and our time and living changed from underground music to party and visit to restaurants as artist from theatre and photographical introduce party. This been a hard life where we been expected to fall in to the environmental, but I think no one have been ill from that.

In 1969 when the Hair musical been ended, we decide to continue with the name Mecki Mark Men together with Mecki Bodemark.